About Rachel

Hi friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm Rachel and I am the owner and creator of Rachel Cosette Designs.

I originally started an etsy shop in the fall of 2011 with only 4 listings (originally called writtenforyou).  I had little expectation other than a potential hobby.  What I didn't expect was that the Lord would use that little shop to fulfill and expand my creativity and I have been continually amazed at how the Lord has allowed it to grow and flourish into what it is today.  

The desire to rebrand and become Rachel Cosette Designs really came to be after I moved from Baltimore to Nashville.  I was starting over in every aspect of my life and very quickly realized I wanted that to include this business.  I was feeling burnt out and needed a fresh start and honestly felt a little overwhelmed just thinking about starting over.  I gave myself a season of rest and then slowly began to envision what a new brand would look like and how it would unfold.  The Lord has been so sweet and full of grace during this last year and it has been such a beautiful time of transition.  Above all else, this shop is a gift from the Lord and it is all for His glory.  

One of my biggest desires is that this business gives me the opportunity to give back to my community through foster care.  My dream is to one day soon become a foster mom for kids here in Middle TN and I hope that this business can become a platform to help kids here that need a stable home environment and someone to love them unconditionally.

A few of my favorite things:



-Cheap red wine ($3 Kroger wine anyone?)

-Books (Yes in fact I do have a library card.  And I use it on the reg)

-Anthro candles

-Basically anything mid-century modern

-Plants (Give me alllllllllll the plants)

-Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream